Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Hoopla

Lots of preparation will come to fulfillment this Saturday in downtown Greer. In case you haven't heard, Halloween Hoopla happens this Saturday at 4:00. This will be the second year we have put on this event, and if it's anything like last year, we are expecting big things.

If you are already signed up to serve this Saturday be sure you carefully read the instruction letter you received from Shelley. All the information you need about when to show up, what to bring, what your job is, etc. is contained in that letter. If you did not sign-up to help, you should come anyway and help by cheerfully greeting people and pitching in where needed.

Here's some things to remember as you come to help on Saturday:

A smile is priceless - The look on our faces and the tone of our voices will go a long way in the impression we make on the people who come downtown on Saturday. Smile, hug kids, laugh, and speak words of encouragement to everyone you come in contact with.

Flexibility is important - We have a great team of folks who have planned this event out to the last detail, but there are always unexpected things that come up. When you come to help be prepared for something to change during the event that you weren't expecting.

You represent Jesus and His church - We are praying that most of the folks who come on Saturday will be in need of a relationship with Jesus. The impression we make on them will influence what they think about the church. We are Christ's ambassadors and that's a job we shouldn't take lightly.

Time serving is always time well spent - I know that you have a busy schedule, and I am thankful you have committed to take a nice fall Saturday and spend it serving others. There are lots of other things you could spend Saturday doing, but none of those will be as fulfilling as sharing the love of Christ with kids!

I can't wait until Saturday! I hope to see you there!

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Amanda Somers said...

I think that the Church doing this event is really Awesome! God Bless the group that organized it all.It is a consuming task to pull off events like this.

I think that it is awesome for the community to see that it is OK for the Church and Jesus to be everywhere, all the time and with all kids of people. It doesn't matter what the Holiday- it is always a great time to celebrate Jesus.
Can't wait.