Monday, October 13, 2008

Catalyst and weekend wrap-up

Last Thursday and Friday I got to hang out at the Gwinett Center with 12,000 of my closest friends at the Catalyst Conference. Here's some quick bullet points of what it was like along with some stuff from Sunday.

- Blake drove me, Mark W, and Kent down to ATL on Thursday morning. It was dark and rainy but we had a great time telling stories and laughing a lot.

- Andy Stanley's sessions were challenging and insightful as usual. Here's a quote that stuck in my mind from his first session: "The boldest leadership move you can make is to release bitterness."

- Jim Collins did a session based on his book "Good to Great". I took three pages of notes while he spoke. I wrote a ton of ideas and questions in the margins that I plan to start working through today.

- Craig Groeschel always brings it when he speaks. This time he brought it harder than usual. If you sat in that session and weren't challenged, inspired, and encouraged you need to check and see if you're alive.

- The whole first day this dude sitting in front of me continually sent twitter updates on his iphone as the guys were speaking. That only served to reinforce my extreme dislike (my Mom taught me not to use the word hate) of twitter.

- We stayed up too late on Thursday night (after getting up at 4:30 a.m.) watching football, the Office, and baseball.

- Blake woke up Friday morning complaining about Kent snoring.

- Dave Ramsey brought a strong message on Friday about the 5 enemies of unity. Afterwards the host did a short interview with him about the current financial mess in America. Dave's basic message: "Don't panic"

- Blake has been screaming to me for months about how awesome Matt Chandler is. Well on Friday I got to hear him for myself, and Blake was right. One take away from his message was this statement: "No man can avoid the painful job of self-examination."

- It was great to be back on Sunday to worship with our Freedom family. If you haven't invited anyone to come with you to this series about the true ID of Jesus be sure you make that call this week. Donny will be bringing a great message this week. If you have friends who are confused about the true nature of Jesus they need to be there.

- The Panthers looked horrible yesterday. How does a team score 44 points one week and then 3 the next?

- Stephen Garcia finally made headlines on the field for the Gamecocks. Maybe all of his past stupidity is behind him and he can concentrate on playing football. We'll see...


Kent said...

philippians 2:14. please pass that along to the blakester.

blake said...

i would look for a verse to make the Bible say what i want it to say...

but i will do what is edifying to the body and say 'kent - i love you despite your pestiferous snoring.'

Cliff Marshall said...

I'm glad to see you're putting that AU dgree to work using words like "pestiferous" on a blog comment page.

kent said...

bahaha that WAS an awesome word.

Brad Ruggles said...

I had the chance to be at Catalyst again this year (my 4th time) and was challenged and encouraged as always. It's always so encouraging being around other leaders and seeing what God is doing in His church around the world.

I think Steven Furtick's session hit me the hardest and made me think. What session impacted you personally the most?

Cliff Marshall said...

For me it was Groschel. I'm still trying to process it all, and figure what things I should do differently.