Friday, February 15, 2008

Wisdom from Princess Leia and other random Friday thoughts

I ran across an issue of Esquire magazine last week called the "What I've Learned" issue. It is a collection of interviews of famous people where they tell what they think they have learned so far in life. Some of the quotes are good, some are way off base, and some shouldn't be repeated. I thought for the next several Fridays I would share one quote that I thought was interesting. The quote for this week comes from Carrie Fisher. Any man who grew up in the 80's knows her as Princess Leia Organa. Here's what Princess Leia has to say:

"Kindness is a more valuable commodity than intelligence"

My college buddy Dave wrote a great post on his blog about excercising our faith. It is a must read. Check it out here.

I'm looking forward to worship on Sunday. Come ready to be challenged in a very specific way about how you can take your spiritual life to a higher performance level. If you want a preview, read James 5:16.

When does American Idol go to Hollywood? Emily and I haven't been watching it yet, but we will start when all the people who embarrass themselves on national t.v. have been weeded out.

Mark Johnson and I went to see an amazing bass player at the Handlebar on Wednesday. His name is Victor Wooten and he is most famous for playing with Bela Fleck. I never knew a man's fingers could move that fast!

Donny goes to the Neurologist for a follow-up visit today. Pray that he will continue to heal and get his energy back.

One last thing, keep praying for the future of Freedom in regards to where we will eventually have a building. I had an interesting conversation today with someone that could possibly lead to something important, or it could be nothing but a dead-end. Pray that we will have the wisdom to know the difference.

Still no spellcheck available on blogger. This is getting old.


Kent said...

victor wooten played with Dave Matthews on the live in chicago disc. he's stinkin' awesome.

Wendy said...

Idol has already gone to Hollywood. The top 24 is ready to go.

Cliff Marshall said...

Thanks Wendy. Emily and I will have to start watching this week!

DMaC said...

All these years and I never knew princess Leia's last name. The internet is finally proving useful. Speaking of Idol. You may know they had auditons in Charleston. The local media did some extended interviews with the "talent." Yikes! More delusional than I ever imagined.

The Brighter Side of Things said...

Wooten Yeah! My hero. He has an amazing talent. Thank a look at this bookmark I have of him.