Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More important than being a whiz at Trivial Pursuit

If you've spent anytime at all listening to the messages at Freedom, you should know that I think reading the Bible is important. One of the things I find myself saying over and over is, "the Bible is the best tool we have for understanding who God is and what He wants us to become." I began reading a new book yesterday called, "The Organic God". The author is Margaret Feinberg, and I found out about it from the folks at Catalyst.

In the first chapter I read this sentence about the nature of scripture: "...the book God gives us is like no other. God seems far more concerned with transformation than mere information."

Those words really resonated with me. I was just talking this morning with the guys I had breakfast with about how I need to be careful when I read the Bible that I am not merely trying to find verses for the next series of messages that I will be delivering at Freedom. Instead, I should just go to God's word as a follower of Him and allow His Spirit to transform me as I read.

I am a natural information gatherer. Whether it's sports statistics, music trivia, or funny jokes, I like to hear as much as possible so I can have a knowledge of lots of different things. I need to be sure and not allow the scripture to just become a subject that I could win a trivia contest with. Transformation, not just information. I'll try to remember that.

- By the way, the spell check is working again. I will no longer be held responsible for misspellings.

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