Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Keep praying for Donny. I will be heading over to the hospital to see him shortly, and I will post a full report when I get back.

On to some other things that I haven't written about since all the excitement started with Donnny first thing on Monday:

- What a game! I have watched a lot of football in my life, and I have seen most of the Super Bowls; this one was right at the top. It's too soon to say it was the greatest Super Bowl ever, but I'm having a hard time remembering a better one. One of the first things I thought about after the game was that I hoped my sister and brother-in-law let my nephews stay up watch the whole thing. They'll be able to tell their kids one day about the awesome Super Bowl of 2008. By the way, did anyone notice if Bellicheck cried after the game?

- I have been in Hendersonville, NC for the last two days doing some praying and brainstorming about the messages for 2008. It is always so helpful for me to get away, slow down and listen to what God wants to teach me.

- My friend Jonathan Everette who is in the process of planting a new church in Spartanburg has written a great post on his blog about vision and direction of church. Click here to read it.

That's all for now. Keep praying for Donny and Shelley.


Lisa Wilson said...


Thanks for sending me to Jonathan's blog. I need to be reminded that it's not about our big we get, or that everyone wants to be like use but rather that we are doing what God wants us to do.


blake said...

great game on sunday - i am glad i switched teams at the last moment.

while belichick probably didn't cry (because he has no soul) - plaxico burress did. i realize you won the super bowl... but c'mon.

amanda said...

There is no shame in a man crying if he has accomplished his ultimate goal. "There's no crying in baseball" no one ever said anything about football.

Robin Cathcart said...

Well, I didn't let the boys stay up, although Austin was begging. They watched the first half - which I know was not the best part of the game. If it was the Gamecocks playing a game of great significance or not on a school night - I would have felt differently. Also, they were both really pulling for the Patriots for some reason - so we were ready for them to go to bed! Take care! We'll see you soon.

DMaC said...

A few observations; Belichek did wear his "dress red" sweatshirt. That's classy.
Does anyone else think Jiffy Pop should have the naming rights to that stadium?
If I based my consumerism on the commercials I'd be really drunk on Budweiser right now. The dog and clydesdale was good. Sappy yes, but most others just try too hard.