Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

Yesterday at Freedom was another great Sunday. The skit about Life Group myths was hilarious! Shelley Kauffman was sitting behind me, and I'm pretty sure she laughed until she cried. Dan and his crew did a great job, and it was obvious they were prepared. Also, thanks to Tracy Burkhalter for being willing to share about the difference accountability has made in his spiritual journey. I had several good conversations with folks following yesterday's service. One that I loved was when a friend of mine who is part of AA said, "I'm glad to hear you talk about confessing our sins to each other. I've been doing that for years!" I think it is interesting how being open and honest about our faults is easier when we hit bottom. I guess it's then we realize that we have nothing to lose.
Other randomness from this past weekend:

- We got some new carpet installed in our office on Friday. I was here working when the guys were putting it in, and that glue they use gave me a nasty headache. The guys who were installing the carpet weren't wearing masks. I don't know how they do it.

- We had plenty of help moving furniture back in the office yesterday afternoon. Thanks to everyone who pitched in! I asked for about 7 guys, and we ended up with over a dozen. We were finished in 20 minutes, plenty of time for everyone to get home in time for the green flag at Daytona.

- I coached both of my girl's basketball teams on Saturday. Charles (Emily's coach) had the flu so I filled in for him. I have realized that I hate to lose a lot more when I coach a game than when I played. I can't imagine what it must be like for college and professional coaches who know their jobs are on the line. Maybe I should be a little less critical of their decision making, but I probably won't.

- There's lots to be done this week. Please pray that I will use my time correctly, and that God will give me wisdom in decision making. I am excited about what God wants to do at Freedom, and I hope you are as well!

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DMaC said...

You're right on about hating to lose as a coach. It's funny how my guys get over a loss in about 10 minutes but it bugs me until the next day. I think it's a pride thing.