Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

I know that football season is over, but I have decided to continue calling the first of the week post "Monday morning quarterback". Amanda Somers reminded me that with recruiting, spring practice, and summer workouts, football is a year-round sport anyway. Here's what's happening today:

Donny is slowly improving. The loss of feeling on his right side has caused him to feel very drained when he tries to go places. I talked with him this morning, and he said he felt better yesterday than he did on Saturday. He goes back to the doctor on Friday for a follow-up visit.

I was reminded yesterday of why I love Freedom Fellowship. When I stood on stage yesterday and looked down at all the people who were on their knees during prayer time, I started to get emotional. It was cool to see senior adult couples, a mentally handicapped man, college students, married couples, teenagers, and families all praying openly to God about what's going on in their lives.

I'm glad I don't own Guitar Hero. That doesn't mean I don't like Guitar Hero or don't want Guitar Hero. The Breece's came over for supper last night and Mike brought Guitar Hero II for the PS2 and it was awesome. The reason I'm glad I don't own it is that if I did, I'm pretty sure I would spend way too much time playing it. I only played four songs last night, but I did score 98% on Strutter by KISS. I felt like Ace Frehley! Maybe I'll start painting my face.

I married way over my head. I was reminded yesterday morning how awesome Sherry is. Donny had been originally scheduled to preach yesterday, but due to his illness I got to bring the message instead. Normally I like to have the message totally finished by the Wednesday before, but things being as they were last week I didn't begin the message prep until Thursday. Needless to say I felt a little stressed out about that. Sherry knew that, and she prayed faithfully for me on Thursday during the prep time and throughout the service yesterday. I am blessed to have such an amazing partner to do this whole pastoring thing with. Not to mention that I really like to look at her and hang out with her as well.

I'm looking forward to a new week. We'll see what God has in store for us! Spellcheck is still down on blogspot. That, coupled with my lack of phonics knowledge is a recipe for disaster.


Amanda said...

I am glad that someone understands my thought process. I just got all psyched again about football because the schedule was printed in the paper. I almost have my entire fall planned around the Tigers!!
Great Service yesterday!

Cliff Marshall said...

The service was awesome yesterday. As far as the team you are planning your fall around, I will reserve comment. :)

heatherclardy said...

Sounds like you guys are doing great. I am so glad for that as you guys are still like family to me... even though I have not seen you in over 10 years. You and Sherry look fantastic, even better than the last time I saw you!:) And your daughters are beautiful! Take care. Heather Van Dyke Clardy

The Brighter Side of Things said...

I think you should keep the name as is. It is like your hook line. It's right up ther with "And that's the way it was" or "Good Mornin' Vietnam!"