Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Play it loud

I began reading the book of Ezra this morning, and I was struck by this passage. That's a great example of what worship should be like. Some people will be prompted to cry while others feel like shouting. We can express our feelings to God in so many different ways, and all of them bring joy to His heart.

I love the last part of v.13 where it says that, "the sound was heard far away." It wasn't heard far away because the Israelites had an awesome sound system with giant woofers that could pump out a huge bass line. It was heard "far away" because the worshippers were so jacked up about God that they were shouting, screamimg, crying, clapping, and singing, and they weren't concerned with what anyone else thought! That's the kind of worship I pray we'll have at Freedom.

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