Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My weekend: Gustav and an ascot

Here's what is happening in my mind today:

- I'm thankful Gustav wasn't another Katrina. I watched a lot more CNN yesterday than I normally do, and as each report came in about the storm weakening I was thrilled. Since Katrina hit I have gone to New Orleans with a group of men from our church three times to re-build houses, and although lots of progress has been made the city has along way to go still. Another flood would devastate the area in ways we can't really understand.

- I went with the girls to the mall yesterday, and we saw a dude wearing an ascot. I had to look twice to be sure I was seeing straight, and then I had to ask Sherry what it was called.(the ascot not the guy) Here's what I think is even funnier than this guy being way overdressed at the mall: He worked in one of the kiosks. It would be one thing if he worked in a fancy schamncy men's clothing store that sold ascots, but this guy was wearing his ascot and sport coat while he tried to sell sunglasses to people. In order to carry this new trend forward I'm thinking of preaching this Sunday in a velvet smoking jacket.

- Depending on who you pull for the first weekend of college football was either exciting or horrendous. Either way you'll enjoy this story about a pretty big mix-up that happened on Saturday. Thanks Trey for telling me about it.

- Today feels like Monday, but I realize it's Tuesday and now I'm worrying that I'm running behind. That's not a good way to begin the week. That's all for now. I need to get busy catching up!


The Brighter Side of Things said...

I think the velvet jacket would add a nice touch. It would show you have some class.

The jump story is classic. I wonder what the two guys were thinking when they realzed they were in the wrong place.

DMaC said...

Hey Hef, that would be a good look. So how many sunglases did you buy ? Thanks for the restrained comment. A friend of mine is enraged over such stuff so I like to stir the pot.
By the by, you and critter were in my dream last night. (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Anonymous said...

This past weekend was what I consider to be the perfect weekend in college football. It doesn't happen very often, but Carolina won, Clemson lost, and Furman won (really big). It doesn't get any better than that!
Robin :)

Miller said...

"I had to look twice to be sure I was seeing straight,..."

It would be my gut feeling that since the guy was wearing an ascot -- there wasn't anything straight about what you were seeing.

See ya soon!