Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Afternoon Quarterback

Random thoughts to start the week:

I still love the beach - On Friday afternoon while we were at Hilton Head I got to spend about an hour and a half on the beach. The water temp was perfect so I was able to body surf and just generally relax and enjoy the ocean. Nothing energizes me like time spent on the shore.

God won't give you a job that your character can't handle. - Richard Blackaby said that this weekend at the conference we were at. He used the example of Peter's denial of Jesus. Peter told Jesus he would follow Him all the way to his death. Jesus warned Peter that his character had not reached the level it needed to be at in order to follow Him that far. Jesus was going to a place Peter was not yet prepared by God to go. Peter went anyway, and we know how the story ends. Blackaby challenged us all weekend to go to deeper levels with God than we are experiencing now. He also reminded us that the only person who can keep you from experiencing God at a deeper level is you.

Here's the headline on today's Greenville News: Gas Pain to Linger - I didn't know if that was referring to fuel prices after hurricane Ike or a story about the effects of eating at the Beacon Drive In.

I haven't received any hate mail after yesterday's message on money - Of course part of that may be due to the fact that my e-mail has been down all day.


DMaC said...

Gas pain.!! ooh stop it you're killing me. But on that note, there was a station here selling for $5.49. I wanted to but half a gallon just for the novelty.
And I'll withhold my hate mail on yesterday's message.

Anonymous said...

No hard feelings here. I needed to hear that. THANKS
Going without is very hard but it brought us to a great place to live and a great church. Giving to others does feel great.

DMaC said...

..oops ,I wanted to BUY half a gallon...
Buting half a gallon is a totally different hobby.