Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

Here's the high points of the weekend that was:

- Friday morning I came to the office and got an unwelcome surprise. When I arrived at the office I opened the door to discover water everywhere. Sometime during the night before, the water heater had begun leaking. That's why I didn't post the scripture for Sunday's message here on Friday. During the time I would normally do that we were moving furniture and arranging to have everything fixed.

- Sherry and I had a great date on Friday. We ate at the best little Mexican place in town, El Mariachi, then we headed to the Peace Center to hear Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. The music blew us away, and it was obvious that all of the performers were having a ball. We ran into Mark and Tricia and their boys in the lobby before the show so I knew it would be good, because Mark doesn't waste time listening to bad music. The food and music were great, but the best part of the evening was just being able to relax after a crazy week with the person I can be most relaxed with.

- Saturday had a little of everything. I spent time cutting down a tree, riding on the lawnmower, watching football, playing Guitar Hero, and playing Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader with Grace. I don't claim to be the smartest dude in the world, but the average 5th grader can not answer those questions. I don't care what Jeff Foxworthy says.

- Every week I see new folks at worship. Yesterday was another one of those Sunday's where I spotted several folks that I had never seen at worship with us before. I'm thrilled that God keeps sending new people our way!

- Silly observation of the weekend: On the way back to the office from worship yesterday I passed by the Comfort Inn in Greer and the marquis read like this, "Welcome Albino Skunks". I'm not making that up. I have no idea what that means, but it almost caused me to have a wreck.


Mark H. Johnson said...

Friday was a great show. The clarinet and the "Professor" on the tenor saxophone were worth the price. It's a great thing to show Miles and Dylan you can find great music in fancy music halls too :-)

DMaC said...

Can't believe you don't know the Albino Skunks. My favorite band.

Angie Lawrence said...

I know there was a "skunk" festival somewhere off Hwy14 North because I passed the sign going to and from the barn this weekend. I would assume it had something to do with that????