Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sunday update

Wow. This past Sunday was a great time of worship! There were 276 people in attendance. That's not bad for the middle of summer, of course there are always more people not in church than there are in church on any Sunday morning, that should remind us to continue inviting friends to come. As usual our band did an awesome job of leading us in the right direction to think about who God is and how we should respond to Him. After the service was over, I talked with four people about being baptized at our next service on July 22. One is an adult who accepted Christ a couple of weeks ago at the end of the message! That's what starting a new church is all about! If you have friends that aren't followers of Jesus keep praying for them that the Holy Spirit will change their heart, and keep praying that God will give you opportunities to share how Jesus has changed your life.

With all that happened last Sunday I can't wait to see what God will do this week. Donny will be continuing our series on "The Army That Will Save America". He will be teaching us about following our marching orders. I'll see you there.


Ted Roberts said...

Cliff, as you know I love the outdoors. A bad day mtn biking, hiking or on the river beats a good day at the office. However, I would rather be at church on Sunday than anywhere else.

Ron said...

Hey Bo! Sounds like you are rockin' and rolling. Things in England are cool. Very cool actually, still sweatshirt weather here. Went to Cambridge last week. Hung out with Howard Marshall and John Drane. Which was very cool, but I think that officially makes me a geek.

Hey mate, going to be in the States in August. Will be in N. Myrtle beach for a few days and Charlotte for a week, I'd love to connect.

My best to your bride and the girls.

Love you bro,


Cliff Marshall said...

Ted, I'm with you. I wake up on Sunday mornings and it's never difficult to get out of bed! I'm always ready to get to the High School to see what God will do next!

Cliff Marshall said...

Great to hear from you! I check in on your blog everyday. I will put a linc to it as soon as I figure out how to do lincs!
E-mail me the dates you will be back home, and I will make plans to get together.