Thursday, July 12, 2007

Here's someone who gets it

One of the interesting things about starting a new church and trying to do things a little differently is that not everyone gets it. Some people get it right away, others get it after a longer period of time, and some never get it. The "it" I'm talking about is lots of things. The vision of what Freedom Fellowship should become, the way we are trying to get there, how we should respond to criticism, and how we should feel about lost people are all part of what "it" is. Now I want you to understand that just because I am the pastor at Freedom, that doesn't mean that I always get it either. God has to regularly remind me of what's most important!
Let me share with you about a couple in our church who gets it. Their names are Ben and Crystal Schulte. One of the things we are always reminding our people is, that much more can be accomplished to change our community if each individual finds ways to serve instead of waiting on the pastor's to do everything, or tell you every step to make. This past weekend, our church hosted a golf tournament that was specifically designed to reach out to the unchurched in our community. There were over 60 people that participated, but the coolest part is that 40 of them were not part of our church! That brings me back to Ben and Crystal. This entire event from idea to execution was handled by the Schultes. The only thing Donny and I had to do was make an announcement or two on Sunday's, other than that everything from making reservations, handling registration, getting donations, organizing teams, and all the rest was handled by Ben and Crystal. I can guarantee that this event would not have happened if you had waited on me to do it, but because Ben and Crystal saw a need, and because they get it, 40 people who need Jesus were influenced this past Saturday!
When you see Ben and Crystal on Sunday be sure and thank them for their hard work, and keep looking for ways you can impact the areas God places you in this week. By the way, Donny would never say this to brag, but I just thought you'd like to know that his team tied for first on Saturday! If I had been on his team that wouldn't have been the case.

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