Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Looking forward to the 4th

I don't know about ya'll,but my family is looking forward to tomorrow. We will be heading up to Lake Keowee to spend some time with our friend's Carl and Teri Krezdorn. Carl is the pastor at Salem First Baptist Church. He does a great job there, and it would be awesome if all of you would remember to pray for them from time to time. Salem is a small town, and when you are the pastor of the First Baptist Church in a small town you have to wear lots of hats. Carl and Teri act as counselors, cab drivers, teachers, nurses, and many other things for the people in their congregation and community. I'm thankful for the people of Salem that God called them there.

Have a great 4th! Don't get burned by any fireworks, and try not to eat too much!


Chip said...

What a 4th! Price and I got into a fat daddy vs. fat uncle cannonball competition at Murraywood pool. I had him beat until I chickened out from the high dive. Then, he brought the 1-1/3, touch-the-water-twice, sole and cranium buster, and I found myself anchored in silver medal position.

Cliff Marshall said...

You should know by now not to challenge Price in any athletic endeavor! Sounds like ya'll had a blast.