Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What would you do on day one?

Well in case you hadn't heard, our country swore in a new President yesterday. As I was lying in bed last night I wondered what Barack Obama would do today, his first day on his new job. I also wondered what George Bush would do today, his first day in early retirement.

Here's where I want many of you who read, but never leave comments to participate: I want to know what you would do on day one if you were the recently sworn in pres or the now former pres. I'll write tomorrow what I would do if it were me. I'm looking forward to some creative responses!


Jerry Wells said...

If I were the new president the following would be on my first day agenda. 1. Begin an investigation into how the bailout money has been used so far. 2. Put a stop to any further bailouts. 3. Start making arrangements to get our troops home ASAP.
If I were the retiring president I I would go to my new home and hang my head in SHAME!

swamp said...

If I was the new President I would be wandering around the White House to see if I could find any secret passageways. If I was the ex I would be doing all those things I couldn't do for the last eight years like riding an ATV as fast as it would go across the ranch.

blakecomer said...

if i were president i would find out of area 51 was real... or anything of that sort... you know try to figure out if there are aliens that we have stored somewhere... just in case we are attacked and will smith and jeff goldblum have to save us with alien technology in one of our top secret military compounds in new mexico.

i imagine bush is going to have a nice nap. i imagine that the president of the US doesn't get the best sleep at night.

if wyclef were president... well this is what he says: