Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pink toenails and pure joy

I got to see one of my favorite people at church this past Sunday. Her name is Lauren, and she is two or three (not exactly sure) years old. There are a couple of reasons why Lauren is one of my favorite people to hang out with at Freedom. First, she normally is very excited to see me. She spots me and then begins to run full speed ahead to give me a hug. I try to be sure and bend down in time for the hug, but if I can't get down fast enough she just latches onto my leg. Second, she calls me "Clip". That makes me smile every week. Finally, she is always wanting to show me something. Sometimes it's a bracelet she's wearing, a boo-boo on her finger or something she made in Freedom Kids. This week she was excited to show me her freshly painted toenails. There was one problem. Since it's January she was wearing socks and shoes. That didn't stop Lauren. She proceeded to take off her shoes and socks so I could admire her bright pink toenails. It didn't matter to her that people normally don't take their shoes and socks off and on throughout the day, it didn't matter to her that her Mom had just put them back on her. What mattered was showing off her nails.

It made me wonder. Is there anything I'm so excited about that I couldn't keep my mouth shut about even if I tried? What could be so important to me that I would tell it to people even if my telling it meant that I was breaking some unwritten social rules (like taking your shoes and socks off in public).

Of course there is an obvious answer...

I should be blabbing all the time about how Jesus loves me and has forgiven me for all the stupid stuff I've done. I should be so thrilled with who He is that I would show Him off to anyone I could, even if it made me seem weird. I'll ask God this week to help me be at least as thrilled with who He is as Lauren was about pink nail polish!


Michelle Collins said...

i dont know if this was extremely funny to me because it was about Lauren or because it was just funny but I wanna get that excited about Jesus too Clip.

wanda davis said...

I teach Lauren in Freedom Kids and she is an absolute joy! we should all have this level of excitement in our life about many things, but especially God's love.