Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some things to pray about

I'm looking forward to praying with many of y'all tonight. We will spend about an hour together praying specifically for Freedom. Here's a list of what we'll lift up to God tonight. The list is in no particular order, except that number one on the list is the most important. After that, there's no rhyme or reason to the order.

1. More people would give their lives to Christ.

2. All our regular attenders would be fully committed to the mission of "helping people discover the true freedom only Christ can give."

3. A place to meet
explanation: Before anyone freaks out, we can still meet at GHS and we would love to meet there for a long time, but we know that the Greenville County School District won't allow us to stay there forever. It's time we spent some serious time asking God to show us where He would have us meet next.

4. Financial and people resources to do all God wants us to do.

5. That Freedom attenders would live within their means and become generous givers.
(this one goes along with number four)

6. Wisdom

7. Future staff

8. That God would expand our influence.

9. Leadership

Pray for these things regularly, and I believe we'll be amazed at what God will do.

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Anonymous said...

You can think of us as your extended church family in Palm Bay, FL. Sherri and I listen regularly to the sermons and we are blessed by each and every one! We watch eagerly each week waiting for the new message to appear! We both take prayer very seriously and will pray diligently for Freedom. We also recently joined the prayer chain so we could share in the concerns of the church family. We serve an awsome God and He blesses those who pursue his will. We pray that someday in the NEAR future we will join you again in person and help bring His message of salvation to the upsate.
In His grip,
Sherri and Gil Werner