Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't hate me becasue I can't stop laughing

Last week I wrote on here that there are a lot of embarrassing things I find hilarious, but people who think they can sing being rejected on American Idol isn't one of them. As I thought about that later, I decided I would share with you some embarrassing things I do find funny.

Falling down / Falling off of something
I would like to say that I wait and see if the person is hurt before I laugh, but I usually laugh first. I know that is not good, but it just comes out so quickly. Therefore I often have to apologize later for laughing at the pain of someone else. Then when they recover we all laugh together.

Pants coming off
Whether it's a loose belt or a pair that gets torn off on a nail, the quick and unexpected removal of a pair of pants is worth a chuckle. Let me clarify one thing, the act of "pantsing" or "shanking" someone (where one person sneaks up behind another person and pulls down their pants) is not funny. In fact that is one thing that gives you an iron clad reason to punch someone, in love of course.

Accidental release of methane
This doesn't need a lot of explanation. For anyone who thinks it is inappropriate that I listed it here, you know you thinks it's funny as well. Be honest. It's hilarious.

Diving board mishaps
These are almost always funny. Due to the fact that the person is landing in the water the chances of very serious injury are minimal, therefore I don't feel as guilty for laughing immediately.

I would love to know what embarrassing things you find funny, or even better I would love to hear stories of some of these things that have happened to you. All of these types of things can be seen almost nightly on America's Funniest Videos. Anytime I need a guaranteed laugh, that's what I watch.


Bush pusher said...

Cliff, I don't know if I've ever told you about this one. I was dating a girl(first date of course) when the original "The Longest Yard" came out. I was still playing HS football at the time. At the end of the ballgame in the movie, Burt Reynolds was about to score the winning touchdown and he fumbled the football. I jump up and yell "FUMBLE". When I realize what I've done I look at the girl, as she slides down out of her seat to the floor. Then I look around at the crowd in the movie, of course it is full and EVERYONE is looking at ME! I thought I would die! Needless to say she didn't want to go to get anything to eat - and it was the first and last date with her!
Phil Smith said...

LOL I am right their with you, I like to call it inapporiate laughter. It sounds like a medical term ,and I can get away with a little more with ease. yours truly
a kindred spirit