Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What now?

We're finally finished. The almost two year process of selecting the new leader of our great country has finally come to an end. No more yard signs, negative TV ads, debates, conventions, or primaries. What's next? Here's a couple of things I think we would do well to remember:

Nothing takes God by surprise.
A couple of years ago I heard a message on leadership from Andy Stanley based on Daniel 4:17. If we believe that verse to be true then we understand that God places leaders in positions of authority for His purposes. We might not understand what those purposes are, but we understand that He is a good God who only wants what's best for us and our country.

The morality of our country doesn't depend on who is President.
When Jesus left earth and returned to heaven He left the job of changing the world to His church, not to any government. As followers of Jesus we need to quit putting so much hope into who is on the Supreme Court, and remember that Jesus wants His church to set the moral direction of our nation. We do that by influencing people in our communities one life at a time.

We should always pray for the leaders of our nation.
Blake read this scripture yesterday at our staff meeting, and it reminded me that praying for our President and other national leaders is something we should do regularly, not just around election time. Whether you are happy or unhappy with the outcome of yesterday's voting, we are still followers of Jesus who live in America, and one of our jobs is to ask God to give wisdom to our leadership.

Hopefully, if we can remember these things we'll quit worrying so much about things we have no control over anyway. Be thankful today that you live in a country where you can freely live for Jesus! Take every opportunity to be a shininbg light of His hope wherever you go!


DMaC said...

Well said. It does bug me that I hear a lot of Christians complaining and acting as if we should all move or go into hiding because they feel "we" lost. I think the opposite is true. Anyone who does feel that way should be more inclined to take wise Christian action to help move their corner of the world in a positive direction. -ok. I know I just wrote a blog in the comment box-

DMaC said...

One more: I must take exception with your first paragraph. I have no intention of taking down my yard signs. Burma Shave, Hostess Twinkies and Duff Beer payed good money to put them there.

Mills said...

I hope that you've all heard about and/or read Dr. Al Mohler's blog post and letter of 11/5/2008. He is president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

I doubt anyone will be able to put truth into more perfect words.