Monday, November 17, 2008

Best week ever

We're back from Disney. Sherry and I both agree that this vacation was as close to perfect as one can get. We had way too much fun to be able to tell about all of it, so prepare yourself for another post of random thoughts about the week that was:

- Our kids are awesome. We saw a lot of children at Disney this week. Most were well-behaved, but at least once a day we'd see some kid having a conniption over something. It made me more appreciative of Emily and Grace and how laid back they are.

- I think we walked 1,000 miles around the four parks. Without a doubt the most steps were taken at Epcot. That place is really spread out.

- With a good bit of coercion Grace rode Space Mountain. She didn't cry or even whine too much while we were on the ride, but Emily and I couldn't get her back on it when we went back later that day.

- Strangest sight of the week: Three Buddhist monks on Space Mountain. It was really odd to see them in their orange robes and shaved heads sitting in the rocket cars while the ride workers checked the snugness of their lap bars.

- We got in the Christmas spirit on Monday night when we watched a special Christmas parade in the Magic Kingdom. Free cookies and hot chocolate also added to the atmosphere.

- Emily and I rode the Tower of Terror for the first time. I was not looking forward to it, but it turned out to be great. It was much more fun than it was terrifying, but I guess calling it the Tower of Fun wouldn't sound near as cool.

- The first part of Rock and Rollercoaster is the best start to any ride I've ever been on. Anything that pins your head back against the head rest is awesome.

- 2nd best part of the week: Connecting with two families of friends who live in the Orlando area. The time we got to spend with the Marks' and the O'Sullivan's was a great bonus to an already fun trip.

- Best part of the week: Getting to hang out with Sherry and the girls uninterrupted every day for a week!

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DMaC said...

Sounds like awesome fun. Did you get to see the EPCOT fireworks? That's like the 4th greatest thing I've ever seen.
Prepare to be sued by Krusty the Klown for stealing his "Buddhist Monk Snug Lap Bar routine".
I don't think I've ever seen the word "conniption" written. I'm inspired.