Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do you believe in Magic?

This past Sunday I noticed in the TV Weekly section of the paper that the World Magic Awards will be televised sometime this week. I never had heard of the World Magic Awards. The fact that they are on television is proof that there is too much TV air time to fill. However, here are some folks that I think should be honored at this year's ceremony:

Award: Special achievement in making stuff disappear
Winner: Tommy Bowden and Steve Spurrier (tie)

Bowden managed to make a top ten ranking, dreams of a conference championship and appearance in a BCS bowl, and his job all disappear.
Spurrier has done special work in this field as well. Somehow a man who has been known for teams with amazing offenses has manged to make all the offensive fire power vanish from Williams-Brice.

Award: Special achievement in hypnosis
Winner: America's Financial Institutions

Hypnosis is the only explanation I can think of for how the big banks in this country convinced Congress to give them $750 billion. I know a lot of small business owners here in Greer who are wondering when their bail-out from the tough times is coming. My advice: Start learning hypnosis.

Award: Best Newcomer
Winner: Barack Obama

Four years ago he was a newly elected Senator, and today he is the most popular President-elect in decades. John McCain is sitting in Arizona wondering what I always wonder after watching a great magician, "How did he do that?".

Award: Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner: Doug Henning

He was all over the TV when I was kid back in the late 70's. He always looked like he came straight from a party at Jerry Garcia's house.

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The Brighter Side of Things said...

I think hypnosis may have played apart in all of the catagoris you added.