Friday, November 21, 2008

Sunday scripture and my favorite holiday

The first part of this post is for my buddy Dave. Of course, everyone else can read along as well. Dave thought it was funny that in yesterday's abbreviated post I reminded everyone that the holiday coming up next week was Thanksgiving. I did that partly to be a little sarcastic and here's why: Thanksgiving gets overlooked! It seems that now everywhere I look people move directly from Halloween to Christmas. It even seems that Black Friday gets more attention than Thanksgiving now. That's why I reminded everyone yesterday that this Thursday is Thanksgiving. You might have forgotten that fact from listening to the radio (which is already playing Christmas music), riding down the street (where in Greer the Christmas decorations are already up), or watching TV (where Christmas commercials are being shown).

I love Christmas. I am not a Scrooge, but I'd like Thanksgiving to get a little more love. Hopefully, this Thursday you will take time to relax with your family, eat some good food that God has provided for you, watch football, and just generally slow down the pace of life long enough to be amazed at how good we have it. No matter what the stock market or housing market is doing we have a lot to be thankful for!

This Sunday we're continuing our series on parenting. We will talk about "When a good kid makes bad choices". Go ahead and read Luke 15:11-24 to get ready. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


Anonymous said...

Ah, in indescribable joy of watching the winless Detroit Lions versus the undepeated Tennessee this is what the holidays are all about. Why kill a turkey for Thanksgiving when there will be plenty of Lions to go around!'s what's for dinner!


DMaC said...

I totally agree. I have just as many fond childhood memories of Thanksgiving(next week) as I do Christmas. I think if they could, alot of people would go shopping on Thursday.
(I also think it would of been cool if you had said "so please, no one else read this first part")