Monday, August 18, 2008


With football season just around the corner (one week from tomorrow), I've seen plenty of interviews with players and coaches recently. Here are two things you normally hear in just about any pre-season interview.

- "We're just going to play one game at a time." Of course you are. Even with the changes in sports over the years I have yet to see a team play two games at the same time. So playing one game at a time is really the only option.

- "Step up." This is a code word for improvement. It's usually used in a phrase like this, "Coach says I need to step up my game this year, especially during conference play." Here's the translation of that sentence: "The coach has threatened to revoke my scholarship unless I actually give some effort this year, because last season my play in conference games was pathetic."

I really am ready to watch players "step up" and "play one game at a time". The great thing about cable television is during football season you can watch a game almost any night of the week.

By the way, we had a great crowd of folks at worship this past Sunday. Remember, if you are a regular Freedom attender it's your job to introduce yourself to guests, and do all you can to make them feel welcome.

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