Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back to School Bash is almost here

I can't believe that the last post about Wasp Nest Street didn't yield a single comment. I figured lots of you would tell me about some weird named street your great aunt used to live on. Oh well, moving on to more important things...

Back to School Bash is this Sunday! Tamara and her crew were here yesterday stuffing backpacks, all the assignments have been given out to those of you who have volunteered to help, so the only thing left is the actual event. Everyone is invited to come out to Century B ball field (behind Kid's Planet) from 6-8 p.m. to enjoy free inflatables, hot dogs, and sno-cones. Come whether or not you need a backpack of school supplies or not.

We are hoping to give away all 550 backpacks of supplies to families that need them for the start of school in two weeks. If you are helping with the event on Sunday you need to be sure and arrive no later than 5:00. If you are a regular Freedom attender and you are not signed up to help, your presence is still important. We need as many people as possible to greet and make all of our guests feel welcome.

This is the second year we have done this event and I continued to be amazed at the generosity and helpful attitude of our folks at Freedom. This is a great opportunity to show our community that we care about them, and you have made it happen! Pray that children and adults will come to know Jesus through what happens on Sunday.

Stuff that's not important:

- Check out this stupid video on Dustin's blog. The idiot train rolls on.

- Brett Favre is a New York Jet. I really didn't see that one coming.

- There's only one good thing about school starting back, football season is right around the corner. The Gamecocks kick off three weeks from tonight.

That's all for now...


Amanda Somers said...

I hope the pastor that is in this video has other ways to raise money for his church then making records. I can appreciate his alternative approach to try to reach a different group of individuals and he tries to get the point cross about how your life changes when you accept Jesus into your heart. But it is so much more than "El-el-elbows out- hands up high" but it is also a little catchy and how many people are getting to see it??

I am so impressed by the giving of those who attend Freedom and can't wait until Sunday's outreach.

One more thought- with football also comes lower temperatures (at some point)


matt said...

hey bro. i am trying to track you down my finding a good email address for you. the one online does not work. you can email me or come find me at

i have a couple of questions for you.

DMaC said...

I could only watch 20 seconds of that video. He's wearing a Rams hoodie. I think former Ram QB and Christian Kurt Warner would be justified if he "intentionaly grounded" this guy. In love of course.