Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend update

For those of you who get to the office early on Monday morning just to read my blog, sorry there was nothing for you to read yesterday. The girls are heading to Columbia on Wednesday to spend some time with my parents, so I took most of yesterday off. We went to Hendersonville for the morning and had fun eating lunch at Mike's soda shop, getting candy at Mast General Store, and just walking down Main Street. We headed back home before it got too hot.

Here's the regular Monday stuff along with other random thoughts:

Sunday was great...again. I know it seems like I say that every Monday (or Tuesday), but it's true. I really love getting to worship together as a church family every week. The band did a great job on "Song of the Redeemed", and watching video of people getting baptized always reminds me of why we started Freedom.

The new Batman movie is really good. If you like action, suspense, and a really evil villain, then "The Dark Knight" is the movie for you. I would consider seeing it again before it comes out on DVD. That's something I haven't done since "Return of the Jedi" came out when I was 12.

I bought a used copy of NCAA Football 08 for the PS2 last week. A used copy of 08 was $15 compared to the $50 that 09 costs. I can't justify spending $50 on a video game. I've only spent about an hour playing it, but I think I might be too old for such an intricate game. There's a lot of buttons to remember. Maybe I just need more practice.

More important news later this week...


DMaC said...

I really think you've been spoiled by all-nighters playing "Blades of Steel" and "Techmo Bowl".

Chip Reeves said...

Greatest villain ever: Rico on Hannah Montana.

Trey Frick said...

Well either Chip has children or his tv is broken and won't turn away from the Disney Channel.