Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunday scripture and random goofiness

I'm looking forward to hearing Donny bring the message this Sunday. We will be resuming our series on the life of David called "God at Work". If you are reading ahead, you'll want to be sure and check out 1 Samuel 21-22.

Remember baptism this Sunday afternoon at Lake Cunningham. We will begin at 5:00, and be sure and stay afterwards for some awesome BBQ.

Other stuff for you to think about this weekend:

Yesterday Blake told me that when he plays miniature golf (or putt-putt as we used to call it) he always brings his own putter. I laughed at him. I know that people bring their own cue to play pool and their own ball for bowling, but there's something inexplicably funny to me about taking a Titleist putter to a putt-putt course. Of course my main man Mark Wilson agrees with Blake. Mark and Lisa used to take their own putters and their own golf balls with them. I told Blake that the only thing funnier than taking your own putter to play putt-putt would be to take one of those really long putters that guys hold with two fists up around their chests.

Dave has a funny video on his blog that you should check out. I'm thinking that dude's insurance is going up soon.

NCAA 08 update: Blake told me that I could change the settings on my game to junior varsity to make things easier. I did that, and last night I beat NC State 48-6. I don't care if changing the settings is like cheating. It's more fun when you win.

See you on Sunday!


DMaC said...

I just invested in a new set of Skee balls for my next trip to the arcade. Is that too much?
Maybe on junior varsity you can get Notre Dame to win a bowl game.

Miller said...

I thought everybody brought their own putters.

My 21 year old Bullseye is always by my side when I play "putt around."

Holy Cow -- I just realized that my putter is as old as Kent Bateman.