Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunday preview

I am really looking forward to this Sunday's worship service. If you haven't already planned to be there, make that plan now. (Greer High School 10:30 a.m.) We will continue the "House" series of messages, and this week we will be talking about one of the most frightening parts of the house (no, not the bathroom) the closet. I want to encourage you to go ahead and begin praying now for what God might want to deal with you about as we worship together Sunday. Also, I will take a few minutes at the beginning of the message to address Pat Robertson's comment concerning the earthquake in Haiti, as well as let you know about a way you can help with the recovery. If you would like to preview some of the scripture we will be reading on Sunday check out Joshua 6 & 7.

The first round of the NFL playoffs are over. I was glad to see the Patriots lose (if you're reading this Bruce I'm sorry), and disappointed that the Cowboys won. I actually like Tony Romo, but I can't ever pull for a team owned by Jerry Jones. The team I want to see win it all are the Saints. Sherry and I lived in New Orleans from Jan of 1992 - August of 1994 while I was in seminary, and I'm telling you from experience that there's not much that the folks of that city love more than their Saints. If they win it all it will be bedlam down there. Other than the Saints I can't really get excited over any of the teams left. It would be cool for Favre to win with the Vikings, and if the Jets won with a rookie QB that might be fun as well, but the team to get behind this year plays in New Orleans! Go Saints!


DMaC said...

I'm with you on the Saints. Can't pull for Favre though. He and Jay Leno can both sit at home.
The Saints following the Cardinals in the SB. Did we ever think we'd see that?

Sandy Hunter said...

My closets pretty full and messy, I may need others to pray for me as well....Thanks