Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am second

Tomorrow night Texas and Alabama will square off to determine who will win the national championship of college football. I watch the national championship game every year despite the fact that my favorite team never even gets within shouting distance of playing in it, and tomorrow night will be no different. In the media there has been much made off the fact that Tim Tebow (quarterback for Florida) is a follower of Jesus. As you will see in the video below Colt McCoy, who is the quarterback for Texas, is very vocal about his faith in Christ as well. I don't really care who wins the game tomorrow night, but after watching this I do hope Colt has a great game. Thanks to David Pollock for sending me a linc to this video earlier today on Facebook. I love the way the video ends, with a simple proclamation about where we stand in relation to who Jesus is. Very cool.


Garry Harper said...

Cliff - great blog man! And this video on Colt McCoy, it'll be hard to pull against him tomorrow night! Love ya bud!

justin said...

HOOK'EM HORNS!... and ive always thought whats wrong with being second when you know who's always gonna be FIRST! :-D