Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Important Meetings and Random Updates

Random bits of info from my life:

- I spent the first half of yesterday helping out with Grace's field day at our home school co-op. I was in charge of the softball throw. In the older boys(4th and 5th grade)group the second place finisher threw the softball 91 feet. The first place finisher threw it 130 feet! He needs to be careful because winning by 39 feet will get you accused of taking steroids.

- I saw a dude at Ingle's yesterday who was wearing a headband. It was the kind people wear to work out in. Seeing him there wouldn't have been that odd if he had been wearing a sweat suit or running shorts, but the rest of the ensemble he had on consisted of: khaki pants, penny loafers, white golf shirt, and a gold watch. Your guess is as good as mine as to what the headband was for.

- I've got two meetings tomorrow that are important for the next few months of Freedom. I'd appreciate your prayers as a small group looks at what it would take to move our office space to the land on Hwy. 290 we are in the process of acquiring. Then later in the day Sherry and I will be spending some time talking with someone about the future of the worship ministry. Ask God to give everyone involved wisdom.

- "No Hit Wonders" will be practicing tonight after a two week lay off. I'll publish the set list here before we actually play at Relay for Life.

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chris roberts said...

Re: the headband. Could it have been a cross between Anchorman and Semi-Pro?