Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Report and 80's Band Name

I am probably the only blogging pastor in America who waits until the Thursday after Easter to post anything new on his blog. No excuse will be offered for that, just a normal, busy week. Easter Sunday at Freedom was incredible. All of you who are regular attenders did a great job of inviting your friends, and the atmosphere in the room was definitely one of celebration. As usual, our band did an amazing job. I loved the new song (Jesus Messiah), and singing "How Marvelous" on Easter Sunday was perfect.

This Sunday, we'll begin a new series called "better Than Business as Usual" It will be about how we should live as followers of Jesus on the job everyday. Also, we'll be giving an update about how things are progressing with the land on Hwy. 290. Remember, just because Easter is over you can still invite your friends to join you!

Here are a few very random things from this week:

- I saw a grown man dribbling a basketball in the library parking lot today. He was not passing through, like he was on a walk and just took a basketball along, he was standing out in front of a Mini Cooper dribbling a basketball. I'm not sure what that was all about.

- Blake used the term "covalent bond" during a staff planning meeting yesterday. It has been a long time since I took physical science so I just had to trust that he used it correctly. I pretty sure it has something to do with shared electrons, but that might be an ionic bond.

- The 80's band has a name! After we retired Pink Smoke Ring many of you made some great suggestions for a new name. The one we settled on is not really an 80's reference, but it is an accurate description of the band. The name we chose is: No Hit Wonders

We came real close to going with "Members Only", but there is already a cheesy Christian hip hop group by that name. Also some very close contenders were, "Weesie Jefferson", and "Mr. Hand Band". When we get closer to the date of Relay for Life I'll post the songs we'll be ruining, I mean performing that night.


James Strickland said...

Weesie Jefferson would have been awesome!!

Joe Beineke said...

Band name reminds me of the name of Lake Robinson's softball team last year. The LRCC No Sox.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cliff!

I like the band name...very cute! We'd love to come to one of your concerts sometime! :-)

We are excited about the changes coming for you and us!!! God is faithful to work out all of the details! Isn't it great that He's in charge?

Love to you and all my sweet girls!!! KK

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have your band name. The 80's were a very special time for me. I was a waitress in Arizona for this guy named Mel who had a diner.

Florence Jean Catleberry