Friday, February 13, 2009

Young Love

This morning I got to hang out at Lyman Elementary with the Brown boys (Reece, Garret, Logan, and even Harry) and Brady Hollifield at "Pastries for Pastors". The school provided muffins and juice for the kids and their pastors. Thanks to Jeanne (Mama Brown) for inviting me. I had a great time watching Garret eat the baby size muffins in one bite, listening to Logan sing Jonas Brothers songs, and laughing at Reece and Brady as they picked on a friend of theirs because he has a girlfriend. The good natured picking from the two of them started when the girl presented the boy with a pretty nice sized heart-shaped box of candy for Valentine's Day. That was funny enough, but the look on his face and what he said next was even funnier. I looked at him and said, "Man that's a serious Valentine's present!" He looked at me with what could only be described as shock on his face and said, "I did not see that coming." I laughed really hard at that.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day! Maybe you'll get something or get taken somewhere that you could say about later, "I did not see that coming".

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Jeanne said...

Cliff! I am just now catching up with you on your blog! I didn't realize any of this happened...well, I knew about the Pastries for Pastors part but the other parts are hilarious! Logan can belt out some JoBro, let me tell ya! I'm thinking Duston was the friend...that is TOO funny! We were so glad to have you (I think we had about 50 area pastors!)and I thank you for taking time so early on a Friday to hang out with us. You are the best!