Monday, February 9, 2009

Random thoughts to start your week

Some friends at church reminded me yesterday that I haven't been as prolific here on the old blog lately. They are right. I explained to them that I often have things I could write about, but I'm afraid that they would be irrelevant or just way too boring to most of you who read. That being said, here are some irrelevant things on my mind, along with some other possibly more relevant topics as well:

- Thanks to Kelly Thomas and the rest of the Relay for Life Team for putting on a great event Saturday night. The Family Valentine's Dance that they organized to raise money for the American Cancer Society was a ton of fun! I haven't got any numbers yet from Kelly on how much money the event raised, but I know that the amount of energy expended was very high. I had lots of folks tell me yesterday that they woke up with sore feet from dancing so much.

- Last week was "Signing Day" for high school football players. There was lots of excitement from both Carolina and Clemson fans about their nationally ranked recruiting classes. Let me just say for the record that I think ranking recruiting classes is one of the stupidest things in America today. I've seen four and five star recruits come to college and never live up to that type of expectation. I've also seen kids who were nobodies coming out of high school grow into all SEC and all ACC caliber players. I do read the list of what players the Gamecocks sign every spring, but my expectations for the future success of the team are not affected by who those kids are. My philosophy is, "prove it on the field". Your star rating should be determined at the end of your four years, not before you ever play a game.

- I'm loving this warm weather. I'm sure we'll see several more cold days before Easter, but for now things couldn't be much better! I actually wore regular cotton socks this weekend, instead of the wool ones that keep me from freezing to death all winter.

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