Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday morning quarterback

It's been awhile since I've done one of these quick Monday morning update things using bullet points, so here goes:

- The band was on top of their game yesterday. Every week our musicians work hard to help lead in worship, and week after week they sound great, but yesterday was even better than usual. Don't ask me why, but I loved it.

- I struggled delivering yesterday's message. There was a lot info on the front end that I thought was necessary to share to get to the main points about moral authority. It wasn't easy trying make my way through all of it in an engaging way. Despite that, there were several folks who commented positively afterwards, further proof that God is the one who speaks to the hearts of people. That takes a load off my shoulders!

- For the second year in a row, the Super Bowl was great. Last night was one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever in my opinion. I began the game not caring who won, but by the end I was hoping to see the Cardinals pull it out. I guess that was due to the whole underdog thing. Of course, my decision to make them my team in the second half is what sealed their fate. I apologize to all real Cardinal fans out there for giving them the kiss of death. I really didn't mean any harm.

- Springsteen and the E Street Band were awesome. 12 minutes of high energy, give it all you got, rock-n-roll that was a small slice of what his concerts are like. Opening with "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" with the full horn section was a great choice, and closing with "Glory Days" fit perfectly for the halftime setting. I've heard some younger haters out there making fun of the Boss this morning, and I'll just say this: it won't be long before Cold Play or Fall Out Boy will be performing at halftime, and a younger crowd thinks they are cheesy and out of style as well. Remember what another great, out of style, American rock legend (John Mellencamp) once sang: "changes come around real soon, make us women and men"

- I'm officially old. I just wrote two sentences chastising younger people for not liking my music. I never thought I'd do that.


Trey Frick said...

I enjoyed the Boss but I was kind of wishing to hear Born in the USA. Or maybe Dancing in the Dark and have Courtney Cox get up on stage and dance with him. I too was undecided until around half time and then started pulling for the Cards. It would have been nice for them to pull it out. Great game though.

James White said...

Cliff, myself and several people at the Super Bowl party talked about what a great message you gave yesterday. It was necessary to give the info leading to your point. Sometimes Satan makes us worry about stuff when we should show faith that Jesus is with us helping us show His light.

Chet said...

I use to like Springsteen but ever since he has become so outspoken about his political leanings I can't stomach him. I appreciate him as an artist but I still can't listen to him. I am the same way with actors. Once they start talking about their radical left wing politics I have a hard time paying money to see their movies. They have every right to do so, but there are consequences for your actions. (OK, sorry I am now off my soapbox.)