Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting older - Part II

I know I already wrote something today, but here are two more things that let me know I'm getting older:

Emily (13) got her braces off today. I guess that means the next big thing I'll have to pay for is a car!

Grace (7) leaves for camp on Monday. I can't believe my baby will be away from home for four nights.

Now for some totally unrelated to me getting older prayer requests:

My friend Jerry Chapman is taking a month off from pastoring and needs our prayers. You can read more here on his blog.

Ben Patat who plays in our band and works with our students is going on tour Friday with his band. Pray for safe travel, and for them to reach thousands of teenagers with the gospel. The band's name is Divide the Sea, and if you're brave you can check out their music, and see their tour schedule here.

Warning: you will want to turn down the volume on your computer speakers before accessing their site. If loud, heavy, scary sounding music offends, you don't go to the site at all!
Still pray for Ben and the band though!

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