Monday, June 16, 2008

Back to work

Last week was a blast. Spending some time at the beach always leaves me energized and ready to go! I'm back at the office this morning getting caught up on everything that happened while I was away. Hopefully by lunchtime I'll be able to begin figuring out what needs to be done for the rest of the week.

Other than Sherry being sick for a couple of days last week, the vacation was perfect. I am always in awe when I stand on the shore and look at the ocean. It is one of the most tangible reminders for me about how big God is. I learned some cool stuff while I was gone that I will write more on later, but for now here are some quick hits from yesterday and last week:

- Perry Noble's ONE Prayer message yesterday was right on the money. I have read that passage from Luke 7 many times, but I had never caught the fact that there were two distinct crowds that came together. That was good stuff.

- The band did an awesome job again yesterday. Big thanks to Kent who handled everything concerning practice, slides, planning etc., while Sherry was gone last week.

- I love fried oysters.

- I love the look in Grace's eyes when she is eating a Klondike bar.

- I love body surfing. I'm going to try and keep doing it until I'm 80. There was a guy down the beach from us that was my inspiration for this. I didn't ask him how old he was, but he looked like he should be in a nursing home. I looked down his way on Friday, and he was out in the surf riding in waves!

- I realized again this week that Emily isn't a kid anymore. She didn't need any help putting on sunscreen, rinsing off after getting back to the house, or getting a snack out at the beach. Not to mention that she carried just as much stuff back and forth from the house each day as I did!

- I saw a dude on the pier without a shirt on that had one of the biggest beer guts in the history of mankind. I can only assume that he was shirtless because he was proud of all the hard work it took to create that thing.

- Emily beat me on the Pop-A-Shot machine at the arcade. Normally I don't like getting beat by a girl, but I didn't mind losing to her one bit.

- When we went out to the beach, Grace spent 95% of the time in the ocean. I think she is part fish.

- I wasn't ready to come home on Saturday, but when we walked in the door of our house that afternoon I was glad to be home.

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Anonymous said...

Perry Noble's message was awesome. It was funny but it really hit home several times. I would love to have a copy of this message if possible.

My name is Amy Johnson and I am Mark Johnson's sister form Sumter. If it is possible to get a copy of the service could you just pass it along through him?

By the way we are having a family reunion July 4th weekend and we are going to barbeque another hog and you and your family are more than welcome!!

Thanks for taking such good care of my brother and his family. I pray for you and your family and your church often.