Monday, June 30, 2008

Better late than never

Well, as soon as I get one girl home from camp the other leaves. This week it's Emily's turn to be gone. She left yesterday afternoon with our teenagers from church for GO Camp in Columbia. The house won't be too quiet, however. Our niece Kylie is staying with us for a few days to keep Grace company. They've already been swimming today, and we are heading to Dillard's tonight after supper for ice cream. I think a trip to see Kung-Fu Panda is somewhere in the plans for the week as well.

Yesterday was a cool day for our church. I've heard great things about yesterday's service and Scott's message. Everyone did a great job of making Scott feel welcome. I was honored to bring the message at Springwell yesterday. The folks there really have a heart for seeing churches work together to build the kingdom of God. Switching out pastors really helped me understand what ONE Prayer is all about. It's been a pleasure to hear teaching from different pastors each week this month. It always amazes me that God speaks through all different styles of teaching. Next week you're going to have to deal with me again. I've missed getting to teach at Freedom this month, and I can't wait for Sunday!

Some of you are probably wondering what the offering was yesterday. Remember, we are giving all of it to Mid-Town Fellowship and the GAIHN project we are partnering with Springwell on. There was still some money coming in this morning, so I will post the amount on here tomorrow. I have an estimation of what it is, but I don't want to put it on here until it is official.
Now I've just given you another reason to read this poor excuse for a blog tomorrow!


Chip Reeves said...

No total yet? Folks you still have a chance to give! Get your donations in before Cliff posts on Tuesday.

Mark H. Johnson said...

Cliff- It's always good to read this blog, don't short change yo'self brother! We will miss this Sunday but can't wait to hear you preachin' and teachin' up a storm at Freedom soon! P.S. The boys loved Kung Fu Panda but I slept through most of it since we saw it on Father's Day right in the middle of my scheduled Sunday nap. :-)