Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Afternoon Quarterback

Here's some quick highlights from this weekend along with some other thoughts on this rainy Monday afternoon.

- Yesterday was big-time stressful! For really the first time in the short history of Freedom we had a good bit of technical difficulties. Our technical team as well as our band did a great job of pushing through and making the best of less than ideal circumstances. God has blessed us with great hard-working people!

- On Saturday the Gamecocks laid a big egg, and I was there to witness it. Despite the pathetic play of the team I had a great time, and the reason why was sitting beside me. Having Emily at the game with me made the outcome of the game unimportant. Anytime I get to spend with either of my girls is never wasted.

- I had a great conversation with a group of people last week that really opened my eyes. Most times as the pastor of Freedom I think I am communicating the vision and dream of what Freedom can be very clearly, but I discovered last week that I wasn't communicating as well as I thought. That was great information to discover! Now the goal is to be more clear and concise.

- I love it when God moves new families to Greer just so they can be at Freedom. I believe that there are some new families attending Freedom now that God specifically sent to help impact this community.

- While Emily and I were in Columbia on Saturday, Sherry and Grace made a delicious red velvet cake. I have got to be sure and work out every day this week, because I am going to eat lots of that cake!


Sonya said...

Just wait until you guys see what's in the office refrigerator Tuesday! Courtesy of Sandra Sudduth and the Women's Monday Bible Study!

mrsoulmark said...

God was teaching a lesson on who to depend upon when things don't go just exactly to our plans. You could feel the church body pushing the music and the praise. We knew most of the words and we didn't let it fall because God was there with us. Thanks to the praise team and the tech team for making it happen, regardless of how it looked :-)