Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Hoopla

I need to go ahead and write about this before I get too bogged down in the business (or is it busyness?) of a new week. Halloween Hoopla on Saturday went way beyond my expectations! The police officers that worked the event for us estimated that there were over 3,000 people on Trade Street during the busiest time period. I was praying that there would be a ton of people present for us to show love to, and God brought them in. All of our volunteers did a fantastic job as usual of serving with a smile and going beyond the normal call of duty. Donny and his team (Shelly, Jeanne Brown, and Crystal Schulte) had everything organized, so when the volunteers arrived it was easy to just plug people in the right spot and let them go to work.

The amazing thing to me about this whole event is the fact that the Chamber of Commerce asked us to do it. This was truly a God thing. We never would have been able to get permission to shut down four streets in downtown on a Saturday unless it was God's idea for this to happen.
Now that the event itself is over, let's spend lots of time praying that the seeds that were planted will grow into changed lives. Keep bringing your friends to worship on Sunday mornings, and keep living lives of true freedom every day of the week!


mrsoulmark said...

That's awesome! My boys said they had a lot of fun. Greer is blessed to have FF step up and take the lead for Christ in our community. Sorry I missed it...this year.

Jeanne said...

I had a child in Son Seekers who came because of the Hoopla! God can lead people to Him through even the funnest (is that a word?!?) of events!! I'm ready for next year!!

Robin Cathcart said...

That is incredible! I'm glad it went so well. That is why I was calling on Sunday. I wanted to see how everything went - and make sure you survived the ending of the football game! God is using your church in such an awesome way to reach people. We are praying for your ministry!
Love - Robin

Cliff Marshall said...

Robin, I tried to call you back on Sunday evening but I think your phone line was messed up. Both my cell and my home phone couldn't get through. Hope ya'll are doing great.