Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Afternoon Quarterback

A couple of Monday's ago I did a post on Monday morning that I called Monday Morning Quarterback, a title I blatantly stole from Mike & Mike. I did a run down of cool things that happened over the weekend. Well here's another one of those, but I'm writing it on Monday afternoon ergo (that's another word for you Emily) the name change to Monday Afternoon Quarterback.

- Friday at the State Fair was great. I didn't eat too much. It was more than I would eat on a normal Friday, but significantly less than I have eaten at the Fair in past years. The Fiske Fries with vinegar on them are still my favorite. What was better than the food was getting to spend all day with Sherry and the girls. On the way home that night Grace must have said "I had fun today" ten times.

- On Saturday we all helped out at the Community Health Fair at SSI. The weather was great, and we got to meet lots of new people and talk to many we already knew. The highlight was seeing James, a long time patient at SSI, walk unassisted for the first time in 15 years! James had said that when he walked again he would get his hair cut and donate it to Locks of Love. So, after he walked we got to watch James get his first haircut in years as well.

- Saturday night, after the Gamecocks scared me in the second half against North Carolina, I went down to Horizon Records in Greenville to catch the last set of a band called Colonel Bruce Hampton and the Quark Alliance. The reason I wanted to see them was because a friend of mine, Jeff Caldwell, that I haven't seen since we graduated high school (20 years ago, it's hard for me to believe) is their guitarist. After they finished their set we got to talk and catch up for a little while. He couldn't believe I'm a pastor, sometimes I can't believe it either! He lives in Atlanta when he's not traveling and I'm hoping he can come down and visit on a Sunday morning sometime.

- Then on Sunday morning Sherry fooled me with something, and it was awesome. She told me this past Thursday that we had a guy coming in to play drums that had never played with our band before, and she hoped he would be good. She claimed it was some dude that Andrea found. Well, on Sunday while we are getting set up she calls me out to to the atrium of the high school to meet this new drummer, and there stands Jamie Parler (his nickname from high school that I call him is Pauley) my oldest friend in the world! I had no clue he was coming to play drums with our band on Sunday! I found out later that both Emily and Grace knew, Blake knew, Robin Wellmon knew, everyone knew but me. I have surrounded myself with people who know how to keep a secret.

- After all the fun and excitement from that weekend I crashed hard in my chair last night and watched the Patriots beat the Cowboys. I've always been a Cowboy hater, but I like Tony Romo. I was actually pulling for them last night.

This post is already long, but I had lunch with Gary O'Sullivan today and he told me that this friend of his is now reading my blog. Now we can say that Elvis has entered the building!

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