Thursday, October 18, 2007

LIFE Group, Haloween Hoopla, and football

Since I started reading blogs about 6 months ago I've noticed that some bloggers really like bullet point posts and others make fun of them. Because of my undiagnosed adult ADD I think bullet point posts are awesome. They are much easier to write as well. With that in mind, here are some bullet points about what's going on right now.

- We had a great time with our LIFE Group last night. There was lots of very honest discussion about the greatness of God's love for us and how understanding His love should lead us to love the unlovable. If we're honest with ourselves, I think we'd all admit that we can be unlovable at times.

- I'm reading a good book right now by Craig Groeschel called "Confessions of a Pastor". I picked it up at the Catalyst conference after we heard him speak. Blake was thrilled when he left a comment on Groeschel's blog and then Groeschel commented back that Blake had great insight.

- I'm really looking forward to Saturday. I will be taking Emily to her first Gamecock football game. This will be a big moment for me that hopefully will be even more special due to a Gamecock victory. I'm sure it will be better than when I took Sherry to her first Gamecock game back in 1989. It turned out to be a 59-0 beat down at the hands of Florida State. That was not fun.

- Halloween Hoopla is happening next weekend! This will be a great chance to show love to our community. I am thrilled that we have been given the chance to do a community-wide event in the downtown area! More on this later...


mrsoulmark said...

Go Commodores!!! (Just kidding...maybe!) Have fun at the game!

blake said...

oh chickens... i kinda wanted to call. but i know that things would come back WHEN clemson loses there next one.