Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

The weather today is unbelievable. I knew it was going to rain, but I had no idea we were in for this type of rain. This is rain of biblical proportions. In order to try and be positive I will not complain about the rain, temperature, or wind. There are many things you can't do on a day like today, but to remain upbeat I will list a few things you can only do on a day like today.

- Kayak down the side of Hwy. 290.

- Use the phrase "we sure need this rain" like you are a farmer.

- Find out how good of a job the crew did who put your roof on.

- Start collecting samples for that science experiment on acid rain you've been meaning to do.

- Discover whether or not your dog can swim.

- Catch a 2 lb. bream of your back deck.

- Dig a hole in the backyard to get that in-ground pool you've been dreaming about.

- Swim to the neighbor's house.


justin said...

come on Cliff you forot the best one and your favorite... PICKING UP ALL THOSE WET LEAVES OUT OF THE YARD! haha i cant wait till tomm when i get to do that

justin said...

oh yeah not trying to call ya out but i think it would be kinda hard to catch a bream "OF" your back deck haha