Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Proud Dad

Everyone one at the Marshall house woke up excited this morning. Thanks to Ben Patat, Emily had her first opportunity to perform her songs before a live audience. Ben's band The Lilies and Sparrows were playing a show at The Channel, and he asked Emily to open for them. She played six original songs, and I know I'm just a little biased, but she was amazing. She had lots of family and friends who came out to support her, so the atmosphere was like a big gathering of friends, which I'm sure helped her not to be nervous. Overall it was a great night, and when I finally fell asleep last night I slept very soundly from all the excitement.

I've included a video from YouTube for you to check out. It's a a short message from Matt Chandler, the pastor of the Village Church in Texas. Matt faced a life threatening health situation recently, and in this video he talks to the members of the Village Church before he went in for surgery. I think his attitude towards health challenges will inspire you.

Sorry, for those of you just now tuning in. The video evidently has been removed from YouTube, so I have deleted the link. If I am able to find it on another site I will upload it. It was really good stuff.


Jimmy White said...

Cliff you were not biased. Emily was GREAT. I was also very impreddes with Ben's band also. I look foward to seeing both of them again.

Anonymous said...

Cliff the video is on The Village website:


Ryan said...