Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas to-do lists

The blogging has taken a small hiatus this week, but now I'm back with another post filled with useless information about my life. Sorry, that it's not an inspired piece of writing, but all my inspirational concentration has been focused on prepping for this Sunday's Lord's Supper service and the following Sunday's message. Now for the useless info:

List of things already accomplished this Christmas season:

- Watched "It's a Wonderful Life". If you can watch the end of that movie and not cry at all you are a cold-hearted dude.

- Drank eggnog by the Christmas tree while watching Monday Night Football. One of the more obscure Christmas traditions, but one of my favorites.

- Watched "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" with Grace. To me it's not really Christmas until I hear Linus quote from the gospel of Luke.

- Helped Sherry with the shopping for the girls. She does 98% of the Christmas shopping, but I do enjoy going with her to shop for Emily and Grace. Of course one trip to Wal-Mart tests my enjoyment of Christmas shopping to the limit.

List of things still to be done this Christmas season:

- Buy Sherry's gift!! Don't accuse me of waiting until the last minute, it's not Christmas Eve yet.

- Piled everyone in the car (including Buddy) and driven around to see Christmas lights. By the way, leave a comment with your suggestions for the best places to go, the brighter and tackier the better.

- Watch "A Christmas Story" with Emily. I realized the other day that she hasn't seen this classic yet. I feel I have let her down as a Father, but we will fix that situation next week.

- Drink a Peppermint shake from Chik-Fil-A. I had one last year and it was mighty tasty.

- Eat at the Beacon. I eat at the Beacon a once a year whether I need to or not. For the last 15 years that meal has taken place the week before Christmas. There's nothing like some greasy onion rings, lemon flavored iced tea, and the pain of indigestion, to help you ring in the Christmas season.


Karen said...

You are a crazy man. I love your useless list. I don't know if you'll be coming to Easley, but there is a house near Walmart on Hwy 8 that has lights syncronized to music - you tune in our your car radio. Very cool. Also, I have heard that there are really good lights in Williamston...not sure exactly where they are, but will find out if you are interested.
P.S. "It's a Wonderful Life" is one of my all time favorites!!!

Robin Cathcart said...

The Peppermint Shakes from Chick-fil-A are the best. This year there are 2 sizes so you don't have to overdo it - unless you want to! Emily hasn't seen "A Christmas Story" and she is 15 years old? I agree you may have let her down - but at least she's seen "Elf". The boys will be getting BB guns this Christmas (from the in-laws) - hopefully no one will shoot their eye out!

DMaC said...

I'm a little late to this party but thought I'd chime in because as you well know, absurd stupidity knows no time limit.
To ease the pain of yuletide negligence tell Emily that some of us didn't see "A Christmas Story" until age 30 or so.
Will be watching "..Wonderful Life" on Thursday. It's doesn't quite tear me up anymore but Charles Schultz does when he has Linus throw down the Word and dare anyone to edit him out.
If you get the chance to swing by Clark Griswolds place it's worth the trip.
And just for you, I think I'll have a Chik-fil-a Peppermint shake for the first time.