Friday, June 26, 2009

Sunday preview

This Sunday we will finish up the One Prayer series by listening to a powerful message from Craig Groeschel. Those of you who have been to Catalyst before know that God uses Groeschel in a powerful way to communicate the truth of the bible.

Also, Chris tells me that the first song this week is going to blow you away. Sherry came home form band practice last night talking about it. That means you need to be sure and be in the auditorium by 10:30. If you are used to strolling in the atrium around 10:29 and then taking your time to get coffee and a bagel, you will need to change your regular schedule! There will be a countdown clock on the screen to let you know exactly when the service will begin. Invite your friends to be there this week!

I was shocked last night when I came in from working in the yard to hear Michael Jackson had died. This has been a crazy week due to celebrity deaths and the Mark Sanford debacle. Because we have spent so much time in new office prep this week I haven't had a chance to comment on these things. Hopefully, I will have some thoughts to share with you next week. In the meantime, check out Chris' blog to see what he wrote about the deaths of Michael, Farrah, and Ed.

Last, please keep me in your prayers next week as I have the opportunity to teach on the subject of church planting to 160 teenagers and adults. Greenville will be hosting a Power Plant project where I have been asked to teach. The first session is on Sunday afternoon with sessions on Monday through Thursday morning following. I would appreciate your prayers as you remember.

See you Sunday! Be there early!

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