Friday, June 19, 2009

Being 40 and Sunday scripture

Well today I'm 40. I know this is one of the big birthdays that should make me feel old and depressed, but in reality I feel no different than I did yesterday. Actually, I feel better than yesterday because I slept better last night than I did on Wednesday night. I subscribe to the Satchel Paige school of thought when it comes to age. Satch famously said, "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind it doesn't matter."

I hope you are planning to be at worship at Freedom this Sunday. We are continuing the One Prayer series. This week the message is "God is worthy". If you want to be ahead of the game when you show up you can read Joshua 24:1-24. Also, Dustin Willis, the pastor at Midtown Fellowship in Columbia, will be with us to give us an update on the cool stuff God is doing in that church. Many of you know that Midtown is one of six different church plants that Freedom financially supports every month.

Well that's all I can do for today. Now that I'm 40 I'm supposed to go home and take a nap right?


brenna said...

David turned 40 on June 4th and he said he felt the same as before, too, except for thinking he needs bifocals and he keeps seeing commercials on tv about going to bathroom more frequently, ya know prostate health. Other than that, 40 isn't much different from 39, so far.

Happy birthday friend.

DMaC said...

Wow, you ARE old. I could let it slide if you turned 40 ,say, next month, but so soon...?
Ya know if we were baseball players they'd call us wiley veterans. One way to look at it.

Karen said...

40 doesn't say who you are - you say who 40 is!! That's what I told Brad when he turned 40! Glad you felt good on your day! Hope you have many more!!