Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Prayer

I am very excited about what will be happening at Freedom in June. For the next four weeks our messages will focus on who God is. This is all part of the One Prayer emphasis that 1,649 churches are participating in. This includes churches on every continent, and the number of attenders at those churches is over 900,000 people! We will have the opportunity through down-loadable video to hear some of the best speakers in the country teach on the subject of "God is..."
Here's the line-up for the month:

6/7 (that's this Sunday by the way!)
"God and anything can happen"
Dino Rizzo - Healing Place Church, Baton Rouge, LA

6/14 "God is...strength"
Frances Chan - Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley, CA

6/21 "God is...worthy"
some guy named Cliff - Freedom Fellowship, Greer, SC

6/28 "God"
Craig Groschel -, Edmund, OK

I believe that every Sunday is a great time to invite your friends who aren't in church to join you, but this month might be an especially good time for you to offer that invitation!

On a personal note, my beach vacation is less than 48 hours away!
I can almost smell the salt air and taste the oysters now.
Here's a little overview of what I hope to accomplish next week:
sit with my feet in the sand, body surf, eat seafood, laugh with the girls, spend time with Sherry (who on Monday will have been my wife for 18 years!), take some walks, fish in the surf, get knocked down by a huge wave, eat some ice cream, play putt-putt, play skee-ball, avoid getting stung by a jelly fish, well you get the picture.

We'll see you on the 14th! I hope next week is a good one for you. I plan on it being a great week!


Trey Frick said...

I always remember the smell as we came into the beach. Once that hit my nose I knew I was in for a good time. Drive by the old Pavillion if you have time to see if anything is happening there and good luck with the fishing pole too. Congrats on the 18 years. Be careful and hope you all have a great time.

Lisa said...

Don't forget Sara J's. I can't wait until July 11th so I can start my vacation.

Karen said...

Have a great week at the beach! What a blessing to be married to a Mathis, huh?? :-)
Love you all!!