Monday, March 23, 2009

Too good to be true

I am fully aware of the fact that I only posted one entry on the blog last week. This will be the last time that I officially apologize for my lack of blogging. Some weeks I am inspired to write more than others. I know that if I wrote everyday it would be easier for my 3 faithful readers to follow, but I can't promise I'll ever get there. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the sporadic thoughts I do put on here for your enjoyment.

Today I went to eat with a friend at Five Guys Burgers on Pelham Road when something grabbed my attention. Located in the same strip mall as Five Guys is an Italian Ice place called Rita's. The logo for Rita's is what caught my eye. According to the Rita's logo there are three things a person can get inside their establishment, and they are: Ice, Custard, Happiness.

I have no doubt that ice and custard are readily available when you walk in a Rita's anywhere in the country, but happiness?!? Come on now Rita, do you think we are dumb enough to believe that? I just don't think they can stand behind that promise. It makes me wonder if anyone has ever asked for their money back because they were sad when they entered and still were sad as they left. "The French Vanilla frozen custard was amazing, but when I ordered I was grieving the loss of my great aunt Mildred and my golden retriever Lucky who were both tragically killed in a sand storm and now that I'm finished my emotional pain hasn't diminished and it is accompanied by a brain freeze headache." I'd love to hear the response to that.

Just for fun, let's take Rita at her word, if your feeling a little depressed, sad, irritated, edgy, stressed out, or just lethargic head over to Rita's and enjoy a cup of frozen happiness! Tell her I sent you.


DMaC said...

I've never taken notice of their claim but I surely will from now on. And so help me if I'm not giddy as a school girl when I leave there will be #@&* to pay.

Trey Frick said...

Did you have to pay for the custard? I ask b/c I think to bring about happiness, it would have to be free custard. Better yet, to be truly happy, maybe they could pay you to eat their custard? That may not be a good business plan for them, but I think it could bring some happiness my way.