Friday, March 13, 2009

Dumb and Dumber

You might recall that last Friday I used the space on this blog to remind all of you about the switch to daylight savings time. On Sunday, Blake came to worship tired and made the following statement: "Time change is the dumbest thing in the world". When he was challenged on the truthfulness of the statement instead of simply saying something like, "well it's not the dumbest thing in the world, but I don't like it" or "I don't see the need for it" he steadfastly maintained that there was nothing in the world dumber than moving our clocks ahead one hour.

Here's what I want y'all to do for me just to help me have some fun with Blake: Leave comments on here of things that are dumber (more dumb?) than time change. I'll start you off with a couple:

- smoking crack
- sub-prime mortgages
- giving birth to a child for Michael Jackson
- swimming off the coast of Australia in a wet suit filled with raw meat
- child abuse

I am looking forward to your comments.


Sammy Clary said...

This girl in my youth group who used Nair to remove her mustache and trim her eyebrows. She was in serious pain.

Rick Gorman said...

Driving without insurance. :)

Sammy Clary said...

Here's a whole video of people doing the stupidest things in the world. There are a few that are more stupider than time change. And yes I did say more stupider.

Mark H. Johnson said...

->Economic stimulus with money that you don't have!

->Believing the hype

->Answering the question "Does this make me look fat?"

->Letting the words "I will never do that" cross your lips

->Being a Shamecock fan regardless ;-) Cliff, You Know I Love ya buddy!

Matt said...

Tipping people at sonic that walk 5 feet from the door bringing you your food that you just ordered off the dollar menu that totaled 2.14 but if you don't give them atleast a dollar they'll roll their eyes then spit in your food on your next visit. So you leave tipping them 50% which is more than you tip on a nice Valentines day dinner at the nicest restraunt you go to all year and actually get customer service beyond just doing their job. So sonic kid, working for min wage is common at your age and the fact that I expect you to do your job for your hourly pay must be crazy to you but I think tipping you is the DUMBEST THING EVER.

Trey Frick said...

-Kissing a great white shark on the lips
-Playing tag with a porcupine
-Playing leapfrog with a unicorn
-Thinking that we can get to know God by not reading the Bible
-Wanting others to come to know Christ but not wanting to do any work to get the job done
-Thinking you can put off giving my life to Jesus till tomorrow

Joe Beineke said...

How about government stimulus packages that help unworthy loan applicants get home loans, as a result of a depressed economy that came about by unworthy loan applicants getting home loans? Is that dumb?

Bryan Parris said...

My dumbest thing was putting my cell phone # in the yellow pages.

Here's a timely post on John Maxwell's blog.

Carla said...

-Pretty much any action that follows "Hey, watch this!"
-Picking a 16 seed to win the NCAA Tourney.
-Hitting on someone else in the presence of your significant other.
-Being a Gamecock football fan and thinking that THIS year finally is the "next year" we keep talking about. (Cliff, you know I hate writing it as much as you hate reading it, but it has been true so far.)
-The Gallon Challenge.
-Walking a tightrope 100 feet above a city street.
-Definitively stating that something is "the dumbest thing in the world" unless you have actually seen everything in the world. ;)

Anonymous said...

Politicians who claim they dont want economic stimulus money when the unemployment in their state is over 10% and currently ranks 2nd in the nation. With over 42 teachers riffted in one school district alone, not to mention the corridor of shame. The dumbest thing in the world is citizens who continue to elect these same people over and over. I was going to just say Hi to Cliff as requested, but I made the mistake of reading another comment first

Erica K. said...

Here are my list of things more stupid/dumber than daylight savings:
*the way deer stand in the road and watch you run over them
*the majority of the education system today, including but not limited to- the fact that parents do not back the teachers but believe their children at all times, that teachers are paid less than people who are actors or play professional sports, that there's more paperwork than homework attached to teaching, or that recess is required because it will fix childhood obesity instead of having healthier lunches....
*deciding that a porcupine really wants to be pet...
*getting married while in high school (typically)
*not going to church
*following whichever team just won the title regardless of who they are
*roller skating over the age of 60
*the Rascal not being available for street racing
*PAUSING before answering "NO!" to the question "Do I look fat?" (to continue on someone else's point)
*marrying for anything other than honest, true love and friendship
*women who laser off their eyebrows and then tatoo them back on (I have an aunt who did it!)
*a toupee- just rediculous
*the color puse...

Hope this helps, Cliff!!

Jerry Wells said...

Thinking that the Gamecocks would beat someone in the Conference Basketball playoffs!

Llama Momma said...

The man who sold a $1.00 item (his cost) for $.99, believing he could make up his loss in increased sales volume!

Living without Christ

blake said...

i would say time change.