Friday, December 28, 2007

Resolutions: Who needs 'em?

It's been a while since I have written anything on here due to all the Christmas fun we've been having. I've been too busy playing Wii Sports with my girls to sit down and type out my thoughts. My favorite sport on the Wii is tennis, and the one I am not good at is boxing.

A quick word about last week's service, we had the highest attendance in Freedom's history with 388 people there! You will want to be sure and continue to invite your friends to worship with you during January. The messages I will be presenting will be some of the most straightforward and challenging that I have ever shared.

This Sunday we will be talking about New Year's resolutions and whether they make a difference. We will also talk about what kind of resolutions you should make, and some practical tips on how to keep the resolutions you make. I would love to hear from you about what resolutions you are making for 2008. Leave a comment and let me know.

Also, I'd love to know how your family is planning to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Do you shoot fireworks, eat collard greens, watch Dick Clark, or do you go to bed early and sleep through the excitement? Over the years we have done some of all of those things and I'm interested to hear what you will do.


Ruthe said...

This isn't a "family event" but personally I go through my prayer journal at the end of each year to remind myself of God's faithfulness over the course of that year. It is an encouraging activity for me. As a couple we don't "go out" on New Year's unless it is to have a nice dinner..too many people trying to convince themselves they are having a great time (or at least that is my perception). Sometimes (like this year) we get together with some family and spend the evening. It seems good to me to watch a new year come in..symbolic of having an expectation that there will be blessings to come. Ruthe Waterfield

Jane said...

Happy New Year from the Patats to the Marshalls!! As for bringing in the new year, we used to have friends over (kids and all) and watch football, play games, and eat too much til 12. Now Carla takes over our house with her friends, Ben hangs out with his friends, and we go to other's houses and still watch football, (way too many tigers playing this year!!!), play games, and eat too much! This year Ben and Divide The Sea are playing a gig in Oklahoma City! How 'bout that!? If you don't already have plans, I know a great barn where you guys can come and bring in the new year with us!!
God bless you and your family as you certainly bless ours!
And thank you for the prayer time this morning! I offered God extreme thanks for showing Himself strong this year and asked Him to show off even more in 2008!
Jane Patat

Anonymous said...

Andy and I enjoyed the service this morning as we continue to pray for God to lead us to the place He would have us serve. The music was uplifting and the sermon was encouraging. Andy really enjoyed seeing so many of his Baptist College mates, too. As for the Eve of the New Year--- we will be watching the Clemson/Auburn game as a house divided. May the best Tigers win!! War Eagle :)

In Christ,

DMaC said...

Actually one year I shot fireworks AT Dick Clark and he spewed collard greens.
Let's just hope every New Year's will have a drawn out ESPN production of some no-name jumping 322 feet on a motorcycle. We all wept with joy.