Thursday, September 6, 2007

Random thoughts

I haven't blogged since Monday. That doesn't mean I have nothing to say, it just means it has been a busy week. Here are some thoughts going through my scattered brain today.

- I am really enjoying preparing this series of messages based on The Best Question Ever by Andy Stanley. I think he does the best job of anyone I've read or heard at taking spiritual truth and creating practical, do-able steps to help you implement that truth into your real life.

- I love my ipod. Having all of my music available in one small package is probably the coolest thing ever invented! (I know the light bulb is more important, but you can't dance to a light bulb) Well, my ipod just got even more awesome this week. I was able to download the new Bruce Springsteen song of off itunes for free. It is from the album that won't be released until October, and the only place you can get it is on itunes. Very cool.

- I can't wait for the Gamecocks to play Georgia this Saturday. I have been wrong before, but I have a good feeling going into this one. Of course the way I feel has no effect whatsoever on the game, so I hope the players are as excited and confident as I am!

- I went home to eat lunch today, and I was so thankful for Sherry home-schooling our girls. There's lots of great reasons but the one I liked best today was that I got to love on my girls in the middle of the day. If they weren't at home I would have missed out on that.


Dino Senesi said...

I just caught up on your blog. Like your questions and your writing.


Jim said...


Sharon REilly said...

Cliff,My first time checking out your blog ( or any blog for that matter). Went back and read all your old postings. Was so glad to hear that you and Emily read Harry Potter. My daughter, Elise, and I have read all of them. I have gotten a few raised eyebrows from other Christians for reading those "evil books". Have you ever had that happen and how did you respond?

Joy Davis said...

Love the blog, stories of your family and others working for God.
Joy Davis

Sonya said...

Just a note to let you know I really enjoy your blogs, Cliff. Being fairly new to Freedom this gives me a chance to get to know a bit more about you and your family. Speaking of Andy Stanley, I haven't read anything of his but I love his sermons/teaching. His series entitled "Pause" is my all-time favorite.